I began creating liturgical stoles during my years in seminary. I have always enjoyed making things from fabric and indeed have quite a collection of various sorts and colors of textiles. I find it stimulating and fun to create things using color and texture. More importantly, designing and stitching liturgical items is a type of meditation for me.

Initially, I made stoles for gifts to fellow students for either graduation or for ordination. Everyone appreciated them and soon relatives were asking for them to use as gifts. Then graduates who wanted a stole for every occasion and season started to call. I put a few stoles in the seminary bookstore and sold them through that outlet, even after I graduated with my M.Div.

My seminary, Bangor Theological Seminary, has closed down its book store and so now I am offering my stoles on the Web, hoping to reach a wider audience.

I try to keep a selection of stoles in the main liturgical colours ready for immediate shipping at all times. Every stole has a small cross on either the inside or outside of the neck.  My current selection can be seen